Unrivalled speed, consistency and ease of use from new measurement system

Possessing a rotary unit enabling 360-degree multi-surface measurement capability for both turned and machined parts, the Keyence IM-8000 is fitted with a 20MP CMOS – more than three times that of conventional systems – and a new algorithm for stable edge detection. As well as the new CMOS, the screen is now larger and offers enhanced resolution.

As well as standard metrics, the system can perform a full range of new measurements, including symmetry, plane measurements, cylindricity, flatness, coaxiality and run-out, producing new data visualisations including roundness graphs. This makes it ideal for parts with even the most complex geometries.

Able to measure more than 300 dimensions per part, the system begins to measure automatically as soon as the object is located on the stage, which now moves at up to 80mm/s – twice as fast as the IM-7000 series, which is itself noticeably faster than most other systems providing even more rapid results. Highly precise dimensional measurements can be accomplished in as little as one second.

Ailsa Morrison, applications engineer for the Metrology Division at Keyence, explains: “Speed, accuracy and ease of use are the key attributes being sought from measurement systems by users irrespective of the sector they work in. We have harnessed our measurement expertise to create a system which delivers unrivalled precision but does not require extensive training to obtain the best results. We, therefore, anticipate strong demand for the IM-8000 from customers in multiple sectors and applications.”

Available options incorporate an IM-specific calibrated graticule to enable users to perform their own verifications. Customers also benefit from regular software updates and extensive after-sales support wherever they are located.

Author: Yoyokuo