Urban sewage pipe network data collection and monitoring solution

Using the open and flexible network communication function of PCC, Yingshuo provided the following successful data acquisition/communication solutions for the sewage pipe network of a city in Anhui:

The system consists of multiple sewage pumping stations and data centers distributed throughout the city. PCCs are arranged in each pumping station and data center station for on-site data collection and data storage. The system relies on flexible network communication methods to connect each pump The liquid level, oil temperature, oil pressure and other sensor information of the station are transmitted to the central station in real time, and the central station can control the pump station equipment in real time and reliably. The system structure diagram is as follows:

Urban sewage pipe network data collection and monitoring solution

The PCC of each sub-station and the central station not only has the capability of data collection and communication, but also can store the local historical data with a settable capacity to meet the possible data recall and reproduction requirements later.

The above-mentioned system adopts wireless broadband communication, and the air data transmission bandwidth can reach 10Mbps, which can not only transmit control information in real time, but also transmit digital video monitoring information with smooth picture.

The main technical indicators of the wireless broadband communication used in this system are as follows:

– Working frequency band: 5.725GHz~5.825GHz
– Channel bandwidth: 20MHz
– Transmit power: 1w
– Data communication rate: 10Mbps
– Distance: Built-in Antenna: 3.2Km
External antenna: 16~32Km
– Network Interface: 10/100 BaseT Half/Full Duplex Ethernet
– Protocols: Ipv4, UDP, TCP, ICMP, Telnet, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, DES
– Network management: HTTP, Telnet, FTP, SNMP
– Power supply: 24VDC
– Ambient temperature: -30~+55 degrees Celsius
– Humidity: 100%
– Wind: 190Km/hour
– Volume: 30cm x 8.6cm x 8.6cm
– Total weight: 3Kg

As a backup solution for telecommunication, the system also supports the technical architecture of using ADSL broadband for data transmission:

Urban sewage pipe network data collection and monitoring solution

The central station of the system adopts a set of PCC as a “data collector”, which maps the real-time status and control information of each pumping station to the local central station, which is convenient, reliable and standardly integrated with the upper computer configuration software information. This system uses standard configuration software to develop real-time monitoring screen, which is intuitive and friendly in operation and monitoring. It connects with PCC’s process data through the standard OPC server program provided by PCC, and displays all field data and status on the configuration screen in real time.

Since this system adopts the standard Ethernet-oriented communication technology, in addition to the above two realization media, the whole system can also be built on the digital optical fiber broadband network. The network structure expansion has a very important inheritance significance.

Author: Yoyokuo