US CAM Company Looks to Grow Globally

SmartCAMcnc, the US developer of SmartCAM computer-aided manufacturing software, is set to increase international representation and sales of its flagship suite of CAM software products. The company has appointed Terry Antrobus, a CAD/CAM professional with broad experience in development, sales, promotion, and commercial support of CAM sales partners, to head the development of its international business.

SmartCAM has been on the market for a quarter-century.

“Our US sales team and existing international dealers do a great job,” explains Hugh Caldwell, SmartCAMcnc’s vice president of sales and marketing, “but the globalization of design and manufacturing of the past decade presents us with new and increasing opportunities within many regions of the global manufacturing economy.”

Commenting on the appointment of Antrobus as international business development director, Caldwell says that the company needed to acquire a seasoned leader to assist with managing its long-term expansion overseas.

Antrobus is excited by the prospect of working with the highly-regarded SmartCAM, and relishes the opportunities presented by his new job. “I have always been enthusiastic for CNC machines and machining, and in particular am a strong advocate of the use of computerized techniques for programming,” he says. “Good off-line systems are always a benefit for any CNC production process—today’s systems more so than ever—and I am excited by the prospect of working with the highly regarded SmartCAM product.”

In fact, years ago, Antrobus was part of the first sales team responsible for introducing SmartCAM into the UK.

SmartCAMcnc intends to “make new friends, dealers, and contacts around the world,” in the words of Hugh Caldwell. Opportunities for SmartCAM sales partners and distributors are available in many regions.

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