View the bamboo sea, Fight riptide rafting! A wonderful team activity

View the bamboo sea, Fight riptide rafting! A wonderful team activity

  In order to cultivate the team spirit and enhance the cohesion of China, all China employees went to Anji, Huzhou for a one-day team building activity on Saturday, August 29.

• Enjoy the sea of bamboo

China Da Zhu Hai (national AAAA tourist attraction) is a pure bamboo forest, the most famous bamboo demonstration base in Zhejiang Province.

The bamboo sea here is famous for Ang Lee’s film crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The scene of Chow Yun-fat and Zhang Ziyi walking on a bamboo stick was shot here. So, the team also have a group photo in front of the Crouching Tiger, hidden Dragon memorial stone.

With the bamboo forest winding, we breathed the fresh air among the trees and looked up at the endless green, as if we were in a paradise. Friends go together, laughing, playing, a bit do not feel tired.

The glass walkway suspended between the trees is full of excitement and challenge. The walkway has 5D dynamic effect, sound and photoelectric special effect technology, breathtaking and feeling. Nevertheless, we have nothing to fear when we are with our partners and our team.






• Rafting

Longwang Mountain rafting is located in the Nature Reserve of Longwang Mountain in Anji, north Of Zhejiang province. The length of the rafting is 4 kilometers and the rafting time is about 2 hours. The rivers and streams are clear to the bottom, and all kinds of boulders are scattered among them. The whole drift passed through more than 20 beaches, more than 30 bays, 56 slides, the summit turned, there was no danger.


Wear a life jacket a safety helmet, team two, group on the kayak team, bring the water gun and other toys prepared in advance, the rafting officially began.

It was the first time for most of us to go rafting. The spring water hit us and stimulated our nerves. The team members were busy scooping out the water in the hull while rowing continuously, for fear of falling behind and sinking ship. Everyone was enthusiastic, laughing, frolicking, screaming and grinning from ear to ear.

In areas where the water flows gently, scuffles are inevitable. At this time, we found that there is no water gun, gourd ladle and other "weapons", only to be slaughtered! The water gun has a long range, the gourd gourd has a great power, the whole process of water spray flying, mutual attack, fully explained what is called plastic friendship showed the friendship of the boat said the truth of turning over!

Forest stroll relaxes the body and mind, intense water battle releases oneself, each person will leave behind all troubles in the life, the index trouble of each job also melts away accordingly.

Embracing nature, delivering happiness and enhancing relationship are the core of MTSCO. The passion and courage to challenge ourselves and break through ourselves also encourage us to make better achievements in our future work and life.



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