water cap seal ring

Water cap moulds maker China could offer you multi-cavity cap mould with seal ring or without seal ring.It could use for airtight container and water proof bottles.We could make different cap types according to customers different requirement.

The container different using will decide the cap structure.For example,if the container is for hair cream,we must make the airtight seal ring to avoid hair cream drying;For the cola bottle,we also need to design airtight structure on the cap to keep the taste.For other bottle caps,it is just required water proof,such as mineral water bottle cap.

After the cap structure fixed,we could design the cap mould accordingly to get the cap function and easily demolding.We could make multi-cavity cap moulds,like 8cavity,12cavity,16cavity,24cavity,32cavity,48cavity,72cavity and so on,that will depend on our customers budget and quantity requirement.

For Sino Mould,we could supply you high quality cap mould,if you need more information,please feel free to contact with me.We could offer you a turnkey project for the cap moulding line.

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