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CNC router machines are more common in our lives, and they are also used more. As for the use of cnc router machines, the type of cutters cannot be ignored. For cnc router machines to drive, the engraving is carried out by hand, which takes a long time and requires a lot of workmanship. With the development of social science and technology, the emergence of cnc router machines and the development of cnc router machine technology, most of the engraving products are now engraved in many processes, and can be standardized production, and the time has been greatly reduced. It only needs to be manual in the details. The meticulous craftsmanship. The use of cutting tools for cnc router machines is an art. Different types of knives can produce different effects. Let's briefly talk about various knives below.

  1. Single-edged spiral ball-end milling cutter is used for deep relief processing of cork, density board, native wood, pvc and so on.

  2. Single-edged, double-edged up-and-down cutting milling cutters face processing, and the upper and lower burr-free cutting processing is more suitable.

  3. The double-edged straight groove milling cutter is more suitable for multi-layer board and splint processing tools.

  4. Multi-stripe milling cutter is one of the necessary tools for rough machining of particle board.

       5. The single-edged spiral milling cutter is very fast and efficient during processing. It does not stick to chips. Because of its special manufacturing process, it can ensure that there is no bursting during processing. The extremely fine knife pattern is suitable for acrylic Cutting process.

       6. The characteristic of double-edged large chip evacuation spiral milling cutter is that it can not turn black and smoke. It has two high-capacity chip flutes. The double-edged design has a good chip evacuation function and can achieve Tool balance, especially suitable for processing high-density boards.

  7. The single-edge special aluminum milling cutter does not stick to the tool during the processing, the speed is also high, and the efficiency is high, which is especially suitable for aluminum plate processing.

   8. The round bottom cutter is used for precision small relief processing.

  Through the above understanding, you know the use of  cnc router machine! But you need engraving machine to find China, China engraving machine provides you with high-quality engraving machine. Let your cnc router machine use longer. Then you should know something about the cnc router machine!

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