What Happens When Carbon Fiber Is Drilled?

Carbon fiber is a kind of high-performance composite material with the advantages of high strength, strong toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and has applications in many fields. Because the hardness of carbon fiber is too high and brittle, it is not easy to machine it, a little carelessness will damage the whole part. Carbon fiber is more expensive, and it is too wasteful if it is damaged. Drilling is a commonly used machining process. This article will tell you about the problems that occur when carbon fiber is drilled.Carbon fiber is a kind of composite material. It has multiple layers like laminates. If the axial force is too large when drilling, the stress between each layer will increase, and the resin cannot withstand it. Therefore there will be a layering phenomenon. The thermal conductivity of carbon fiber is small. Once it is far away from the high-temperature object, the temperature will drop immediately, but its expansion coefficient and elasticity are relatively large. Therefore when drilling the high temperature will make the hole look larger, and the hole will become smaller after cooling.In addition, carbon fiber has high strength but high brittleness. When drilling, the force is too small to drill the hole while the force is too large and all the force is pressed on one point which make the carbon fiber break easily. Carbon fiber drilling is also a very consumable process. The hardness of carbon fiber is large, and ordinary drilling materials cannot shake it at all. It requires the use of high-hardness materials. Even if the quality of the drill bit is very good, it can not withstand long-term use, it will become dull after a while, and the material consumption is relatively large.To solve the problem of carbon fiber drilling difficulties, we mainly start from two aspects. First, the drilling tools. Nowadays, high-speed steel drills are generally used. Its price, performance and other aspects are better. As for cobalt drills, its wear resistance and thermal conductivity are better than high-speed steel drill bits, but the price is too high, so they are not used much. On the other hand, skilled craftsmen can grasp the time and intensity of drilling well to complete the task.

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