What is 1 wire in a CNC machining center

What is 1 wire in a CNC machining center?

The CNC machining center is actually a name of a machine tool controlled by a computer. The computer used to control the machine tool, whether it is a special computer or a general-purpose computer, is collectively referred to as a CNC system. The movement and auxiliary actions of the CNC machining center are all commands issued by the CNC system.
In the ordinary CNC machining center machinery manufacturing industry, we often hear masters say 1 wire, how much is 1 wire? There are many newcomers who are new to this industry who do not know what 1 silk is and how many there are. Let’s take a look at it briefly today!
First of all, the measurement units in our country mainly include kilometers (kilometers), decimeters, centimeters, millimeters, silk meters, kilometers, micrometers, nanometers, picometers, femtometers, ammeters, etc., and the long unit written by CNC machining centers Usually the smaller unit is millimeter. Among them, Hu Mi is the silk in the mouth of the masters.
Let us first calculate it in the forward direction: 1 millimeter = 10 silk meters = 100 hu meters = 1000 microns. The reverse calculation is 1 micron = 0.1 silk meter = 0.001 mm. Through the above conversion process, it is not difficult to find that 1 filament is actually 10 microns.
In the daily life of a CNC machining center, what a wire, a wire, and a wire mean by a technician is the same. The wire we talk about is not a wire, but a rice. And Hu Mi is what we call silk.
The CNC machining center is a fully functional CNC machining machine tool, and it is also a machine tool with a higher output and a wider range of use in the world. The CNC has mentioned that the center is a CNC machine tool with its own tool magazine, which can also automatically change the tools, and the workpiece can be processed in a certain range.
Author: Zhuna