What is the ejector cylinder in the four-column hydraulic press

Why do four-column hydraulic presses have ejector cylinders? Careful observation will reveal that most four-column hydraulic presses are equipped with ejector cylinders. Then, why do four-column hydraulic presses have ejector cylinders? This is because many times the products we have processed need to have a part to eject the product from the Mold. At this time, an ejection cylinder needs to be installed.

The role of the ejector cylinder is very simple. Generally speaking, it is used for demolding and ejecting the workpiece from the cavity. However, the price of a four-column Hydraulic Press equipped with an ejector cylinder is more expensive than an ordinary four-column hydraulic press. Because the oil cylinder is a relatively important part of the four-column hydraulic press, adding an oil cylinder is costly.

How does the ejector cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press work? The first step in the working process of the ejection cylinder is the ejection of the workpiece. The specific realization is that when the main cylinder stops moving in the return stroke, press the ejection button, the corresponding 3 electromagnets are energized, of which 2 cartridge valves are opened, and 2 The hydraulic oil enters the lower cavity of the ejector cylinder through the valve cartridge valve, and the upper cavity oil flows back to the oil tank through the valve, and the workpiece is ejected. The second step is to retract the ejector cylinder. Press the back button first, the electromagnet is de-energized, and the other electromagnets are energized. The valve flows back to the tank and the ejector cylinder returns. When these steps are completed, proceed to the next step, and then form a circulatory system to maintain the continuous movement of the four-column hydraulic press.

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