What is the reason behind the large-scale purchase of BOE OLED screens by Apple?

Recently, some media have reported wildly that Apple plans to order OLED displays from China’s BOE in 2020, which means Apple’s approval of domestic OLED displays, and the order will make BOE the second largest supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone.

It may also be why Apple has been investing in ailing Japan Display, which was once a leading LCD maker but has been slow to switch to OLED manufacturing.

Samsung will continue to produce most of the displays, while LG Display will drop to third place, the outlet said. However, BOE does not limit itself to Apple products, it is already a supplier to Huawei.

Apple has been seeking to diversify its manufacturer sources. Apple initially only used Samsung to make OLED displays, but in 2018 added LG as its supplier to avoid being reliant on a single supplier and to reduce costs.

Author: Yoyokuo