What should I pay attention to when selecting materials for automobile stamping parts?

What should be paid attention to when selecting materials for car stamping parts? Many cold stamping processes are used in the production of car stamping parts, which are suitable for the needs of the car stamping parts industry for multi-variety and mass production. In medium- and heavy-duty cars, most of the cover parts such as the outer panel of the car body, and some load-bearing and supporting parts such as the frame, the compartment and other car parts are all car stamping parts.

Steel plates and steel strips: The steel used for cold stamping is mainly steel plates and steel strips, which account for 72.6% of the total vehicle steel consumption. Cold stamping materials are closely related to the production of car stamping parts. The quality of the material does not only determine the function of the product. , It directly affects the process planning of car stamping parts, and affects the product quality, cost, service life and production organization. Therefore, the rational selection of materials is an important and messy operation.

High-strength steel: The rapid development of the car industry has played an important role in the development of the national economy and society. However, affected by problems such as lack of power and environmental pollution, the hostility of this work has become increasingly prominent. Looking forward to the future, the development of this work only needs to be established in the context of nature, ecology, energy conservation, and safety, before its development can continue. In this context, lightweight cars and the use of high-strength steel have become important development directions. However, due to the improvement of the strength of high-strength steel sheets, the traditional cold stamping process briefly splits during the forming process, and cannot meet the processing requirements of high-strength steel sheets.

In the case of unsatisfactory forming conditions, the world is now gradually studying the hot stamping forming technology of ultra-high-strength steel sheets. This technology is a new process that integrates forming, heat transfer, and structure transformation. It mainly uses the characteristics of high-temperature austenite to increase the plasticity of the sheet and reduce the yield strength, and form the process through the mold. However, thermoforming requires in-depth research on process conditions, metal phase change, and CAE analysis technology. Now this technology is monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and the domestic development is slow.

According to surveys and calculations, the use of high-strength steel for some car brands has been expanding, and the use of high-strength steel for the body structure of some models has reached 90%. According to the characteristics and characteristics of high-strength steel, assuming that the metal activity cannot be changed and the resistance can be reduced, the cracking and uneven texture of the high-strength steel (HSS) may cause an increase in the scrap rate of parts. The high kilopound force per square inch (KSI) (a unit of measurement of deflection force) that this material has, the increased resilience, the tendency to work hardening, and the ability to work at elevated molding temperatures are all about the mold. Challenge. It is an indisputable fact that lubrication affects moldability. Therefore, a high-function lubricant can provide a higher-function film to protect the metal from cracking, fracturing, or being welded to the mold. A good lubricant can also reduce the heat of resistance, make the metal move uninterrupted and control wrinkling or cracking. In response to this problem, American IRMCO, as a world-renowned professional company engaged in lubrication research and production, has successfully developed a new type of water-based lubrication technology since 30 years ago to deal with the forming problem of high-strength steel.

IRMCO’s high-performance environmentally friendly lubricants can not only deal with the forming problems of high-strength steel, redrawing, Deep Drawing, etc., but also reduce the amount of lubricating oil by 50%-75%. More importantly, it can improve the current production process of stamping work. To make serious improvements and optimizations to reduce more power, resource consumption and environmental pollution.

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