What should I pay attention to when using accessories for CNC lathe processing?

What should I pay attention to when using accessories for CNC lathe processing?

In order to achieve ideal conditions of use, coolant should be used in CNC lathe processing or a rigid blade should be selected. So how to choose the parts processed by CNC lathes? Let us understand together:

  1. Tool:

High-strength and durable tools should be selected to meet the requirements of large backcuts and large feeds in the rough turning process; high-precision and durable tools should be selected to ensure the requirements of cnc machining accuracy when finishing turning ; In order to reduce the tool change time and facilitate tool setting, machine clamped knives and machine clamped knives should be used as much as possible.

  1. Fixture:

Try to use general fixtures to clamp the workpiece and avoid using special fixtures; the positioning datums of the parts overlap to reduce positioning errors.

  1. Determine the processing route:

The machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements should be guaranteed; the machining route should be as short as possible to reduce the idle time of the tool.

  1. The relationship between processing route and processing allowance:

At present, when the CNC lathe processing technology has not been popularized, the excess margin on the blank, especially the margin containing the forging and casting crust, should be arranged on an ordinary lathe for processing, and attention needs to be paid to the flexible arrangement of the program.

  1. Main points of fixture installation:

At present, the connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamping cylinder is realized by a tie rod. The clamping point of the hydraulic chuck is: first remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder through the bracket, remove the traction tube, and die casting pull the The tube is drawn out from the rear end of the spindle, and then the chuck fixing screw is removed through the bracket, so that the chuck can be removed.

Author: Yoyokuo