What should we pay attention to in daily maintenance of hydraulic press

Although the Hydraulic Press has superior performance characteristics, it is widely used in various industries, such as auto parts processing and so on. However, in the process of daily application, the manufacturer of hydraulic press requires daily protection measures. The basic operation of equipment mainly includes regular inspection and point inspection. There are many system problems, which are very hidden, and the identifiability is relatively low, so it will be difficult to judge.

Therefore, for the operation protection of the hydraulic system, we should do a good job in spot inspection and regular inspection. The possible faults and phenomena shall be recorded in detail, and a daily inspection card shall be established. The main purpose of this operation is to exclude the accident from the germination condition, so as to reduce the occurrence of major accidents.

For the protection personnel, they should be close to the skills and functions of monitoring the operation of the oil machine, such as pressure, speed and current. Before operating the oil press, make preparations, and then follow the operation process and sequence to ensure the normal operation of the oil press.

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