Which material is better for water pipes, plastic or metal?

Many friends are entangled in the decoration of the materials, especially for the choice of water pipes in the home, some people will choose PPR tube, and some people will choose some metal materials, what should we do to hoose a water pipe? Today, I will introduce you several kinds of water pipe materials, which is very important to us?

1, old-fashioned galvanized material

This is a kind of material used in our decoration life, especially in the 1990s, or now in rural areas, such materials are made of metal, for those who need a large area to lay. For people, the use of such a water pipe is very cheap, but he has a very serious shortcoming. Because it is made of metal, it is easy to rust inside. If such a water pipe is used, it may affect the water resources of the family.

2, PPR material

This is also a relatively common material in our decoration life, and its advantages are very many. We buy a PPR tube in our own home, there will be no mold and rot, and there will be no possibility of rust. But don’t use this pipe as a hot water pipe, or it is very likely to burn the pipe.

3, stainless steel

Nowadays, the most popular water pipe should be stainless steel pipe. The stainless steel pipe has very strong corrosion resistance, and because it is made of special materials, there is no rust at all, so many small partners are now decorating their own homes. When the house is used, it will adopt such a decoration method. It is a very good design for us, and he also has a very long service life. He will not have problems in his home for more than ten years. Many friends are using such a decoration method, I hope everyone can pay attention when decorating.

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