Why Silicone Can Partly Take The Place Of Plastic Products?

Plastic product, for a long time, is one of the most popular goods in the world. However, in recent years, with increasing attentions were paid to plastic pollution and environmental protection, it seems that the age of plastic products has met an end. The news of single-use plasics ban, which was firstly declared by European Parliament on last year, be regard as a portent of plastics's end. Though most people welcome the ban of sigle-use plastics, they put forward an worry that whether there are cheap and environmental friendly goods can take the place of plastics.As a silicone products manufacturer, we notice that there is an increasing demand of silicone products in America and Europe since single-use plastics ban was put forward. Obviserly, silicone rubber products is on the list of plastics replacements.Why silicone can partly take the place of plastic products? It is not a question hard to answer. The benefit of silicone is obvious. And I will take a silicone ice cube trays for example.Why Silicone Can Partly Take The Place Of Plastic Products?Silicone is inert, so that the few chemical substcnce will free to water. It is said that silicone is more safer than plastic. Healthy and safty is one of reasons why people want to find substitutes of silicone products. With increasing understand of plastic, more and more shortcoming of plastic products is known by public. People know that plastic is unhealthy. So there is no doubt that a more eco-friendly and safe substitute appear will earn customer's welcome.

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