CNC milling

Will the “diversification” of CNC milling machines get more business opportunities?

Now many CNC milling machine manufacturers have begun to develop in the direction of diversification. The application range of CNC series has gradually expanded, and the beneficiary groups have gradually increased. This industry has also become an indispensable part of the national economic system.
Modularization, specialization, and nature: In order to comply with the characteristics of multiple varieties and small batches of CNC milling machines, the layout is modularized, and the CNC functions specifically allow the machine tool performance ratio to increase significantly and speed up the optimization speed. Hardware modularization makes it easier to realize the integration and standardization of the CNC system. Relying on the different functional requirements, the basic modules are made into standardized and serialized products, and through the cumulative effect of cutting, the number of modules is increased or decreased, which constitutes a differential-grade CNC system, and the naturalization is a particularly obvious growth trend of CNC milling machines in recent years.
Intelligent: A new generation of CNC systems is more suitable for complex manufacturing environments. It has become a trend to have a closed-loop control system layout and a new generation of intelligent CNC systems. Intelligent system integrates computer warning technology

, Network skills, dynamic data management and other high-tech integration to form a sophisticated manufacturing closed-loop control system.
Networking and integration: The CNC milling machine can be remotely controlled and unattended operation. Through the machine tool network, other machine tools can be programmed, set, operated, and run on any machine tool. Different machine tool screens can be displayed on each machine at the same time. On the screen on the machine tool.
From the above, it can be found that receiving an open general-purpose, timely and dynamic full-closed-loop control mode in the processing process makes it easier to integrate computers with high and new technologies such as intelligence, networks, and multimedia to form a closed-loop control system for precision manufacturing, thereby achieving integration Intelligent and networked goals.

Author: Zhuna