xMEMS launches Cowell, a global ultra-small MEMS speaker suitable for TWS and hearing aids

MEMS” target=”_blank”>xMEMS Labs today launched the global ultra-small single-chip MEMS speaker-Cowell. Cowell measures only 22mm3, weighs only 56 mg, and uses a side-pronunciation with a diameter of 3.4mm. firing) package, it can reach a rare 110dB SPL (sound pressure level) at 1kHz. Compared with electric and balanced armature speakers, Cowell provides up to 15dB of additional sound pressure gain above 1kHz, which can improve the performance of the speech signal-to-noise ratio. It also improves the clarity of vocals and musical instruments. Cowell is the first speaker to adopt the xMEMS second-generation M2 speaker unit architecture. The improvements brought by SPL/mm2 enable it to increase loudness in a smaller form factor. Cowell’s Engineering samples are available now, and mass production is planned for the beginning of the second quarter of 2022.


xMEMS launches Cowell, a global ultra-small MEMS speaker suitable for TWS and hearing aids

Mike Housholder, vice president of xMEMS marketing and business development, said: “Cowell’s architecture meets two key trends in the listening and wearing market, one is spatial and lossless audio, and the other is non-discriminatory (OTC) hearing aids. Cowell’s small size and performance perfectly match Based on these market trends, with the mechanical response that is 150 times faster than the existing speakers, the almost zero phase shift and the phase consistency of plus or minus 1 degree, the audio signal can be more accurately positioned in the 3D space. Excellent panoramic sound surround effect.”

In the application of TWS (True Wireless Bluetooth), Cowell can be used as a full-range monomer in a closed in-ear headset architecture, or as a small, high-performance tweeter, with an electric woofer for non-in-ear applications A two-channel solution for style or earbud headphones. Cowell’s excellent high frequency response brings the clarity and presence of speech, vocals and musical instruments to a new level, allowing the bass to focus on the low frequency energy required for active noise reduction.

In the application of hearing aids, Cowell is a full-range monomer that is 45% smaller than a balanced armature receiver of the same level, making it possible to use a built-in receiver in the ear canal. Cowell’s excellent high frequency response, elimination of intra-frequency resonance peaks, and an additional sound pressure gain of up to 15dB above 1kHz, make it an ideal speaker for dealing with high-frequency hearing loss and improving speech intelligibility in noise. Finally, Cowell’s speaker diaphragm is matched with the pressure relief hole from front to back, which can reduce the air pressure accumulated over time in the ear canal, thereby reducing the increased fatigue caused by long-term wear and allowing comfortable listening.

Like all speakers of xMEMS, Cowell has a single-chip architecture. The actuation and diaphragm are made of “silicon”. Therefore, the consistency of frequency response of each part is unparalleled, and speaker pairing or speaker pairing can be reduced during manufacturing. Time of adjustment. This patented and innovative sound structure gives birth to ultra-fast and accurate speakers, eliminating the spring and suspension system used by traditional coil speakers for audio signal quality and sound field reproduction. The use of side-pronounced packaging and a 1mm thin profile provide greater flexibility for headset assembly, freeing up more space to configure larger batteries and additional sensor components. SMT-ready package and IP58 dust/water resistance can simplify system design, integration and assembly.

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Author: Yoyokuo